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Acupuncture and Naturopathy

in County Roscommon, Leitrim & Sligo

What happens during treatment?

During the first consultation I will take a detailed case history and use a number of different diagnostic methods to get a complete picture of your health and lifestyle, including taking a full medical history, reading your pulses, and looking at your tongue. I will ask questions about your current symptoms and your medical history, as well as your sleeping pattern, your appetite and digestion, and your emotional well-being. Women are also asked about their menstrual cycle and any past pregnancies and childbirth.

You might feel that some questions appear unrelated to your condition but the information you give helps your practitioner to form a more complete picture of your health.


Is acupuncture safe?

I follow the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA) Code of Safe Practice and take safety very seriously.  The needles I use are single-use, sterile and disposable. Some people feel tired after treatment and very occasionally, minor bruising may occur, but any such reaction will be short-lived.


What should I do before a treatment?

Try not to have a large meal within an hour of your appointment as the process of digestion will alter the pattern of your pulse, and you may need to lie on your abdomen. You should also avoid alcohol and food or drink that colours your tongue such as coffee or strong tea. It is a good idea to wear loose-fitting clothes so that the acupuncture points, especially those on your lower limbs, are easily accessible.


What does acupuncture feel like?

Acupuncture needles are much finer than needles used for injections and blood tests. When the needle is inserted, the sensation is often described as a tingling or dull ache. Most people find acupuncture relaxing and often feel very calm after a treatment.


How many sessions will I need?

Frequency and number of sessions depend on your individual condition. Some change is usually felt within five or six treatments, although occasionally just one or two treatments are sufficient. Some people choose to have regular acupuncture to maintain good health.



Individual acupuncture treatment €50 (50 - 60 mins)

Course of 5 treatments €225 (save €25)


Individual facial enhancement acupuncture €60 (60 - 90 mins)

Course of 10 treatments €550 (save €50)


Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.


Please note that a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full fee.


It is recommended that a minimum of 4 treatments be undertaken in order to facilitate an effective treatment strategy and to allow for a comprehensive assessment. The number of treatments will vary, they will be tailored to suit the patient’s response and for the condition being treated.

The AFPA is recognised by:

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between Arigna & Keadue

Co. Roscommon

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10.00-18.00

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Co. Leitrim

Embodyment Salon (Main str, opposite AIB )

Tuesday 10.00 - 18.00

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Out of hours appointments are available on request



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What Our Patients Say


"I saw Erika as my husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully to start a family and were about to commence ivf treatment. Erika was an amazing support and the acupuncture really helped with the side effects of treatment. I really had very few side effects and found the treatment to be relaxing. I became pregnant and continued the acupuncture throughout my pregnancy. The acupuncture really helped keep nausea and heartburn at bay and I had a good pregnancy. We are blessed now with baby Thomas and I really believe that Erika's support played a huge part in bringing him to this world. I wholeheartedly recommend her." Louise


"I started to have acupuncture 4 months ago because I had been having cluster headaches every week for the last 6 years. After having 5 sessions with Erika - who is lovely - I am feeling great, my headaches have completely gone and sleeping much better." Angela


"A great result. I went along with sciatica, lower back and hip pain and after a course of acupuncture I'm back to normal. Many thanks Erika" Pat


"Acupuncture has been such a useful method which has enabled me to manage stress, muscle pain and reduce pain with menstural cramps. I discover new things about my body during the process and Erika is a lovely practitioner who has helped me with changing my lifestyle and provided me with helpful foods and herb tips too.” Charlotte


“I find acupuncture one of the most efficient ways to keep my energy balanced and manage stress and anxiety. Erika is very skilled and provides one of the best acupuncture services I have been able to use so far.” Ben